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I Was There

I served on the jury for this trial, and Lisa Shipley provides an accurate and telling description of what transpired in the courtroom.

Lisa fought hard for her workplace rights, and even more for her dignity. She deserved the verdict in her favor, and the jury celebrated her victory as if we ourselves were the winners. Let's hope that decisions like these will speed the journey to an equitable workplace and society.


Dear Lisa:

The tactics you experienced with your company's CEO in terms of interaction, availability, focusing on your in meetings, and a lot of non-communication were almost to a T what I experienced while I worked as one of the few female directors at a large payments company.

At the time and since then the treatment impacted my confidence, and I became unsure of myself and my skills, and even now think about how I could have maybe changed things if I had just been able to understand what my SVP wanted from me.

The more public, documented cases there are on this type of discrimination in fintech/payments, the harder it will be for others to continue this type of behavior. I know this took a lot of your time and energy and I wanted to thank you.
Senior Woman in the Payments Industry

“Wow! What an amazing story and an inspirational message. I was in tears when I read the part about the jurors waiting outside the courtroom to hug you.  
It’s women like you who pave the path for change and equality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to fight and stand up for justice and fairness.”
Senior Strategy Executive in the Payments Industry

“What an extraordinary thing you did with the lawsuit and with the book. As I read about your experience, I couldn’t help but recall the crap that I endured for 15 months between my retirement from IBM and the creation of our own company. I worked for a call center company as VP of Sales for Europe, Asia and Africa and reported to a Chairman and CEO who was absolutely awful. I could not claim any form of discrimination though because he seemed to be uniformly awful.

  Am proud to know you. You took a huge risk on many levels and won. That makes you a hero.”

Chairman of Pace Sales and Marketing 

“What an inspirational and amazing story! Lisa»s experience fighting for equality and fairness in a business world where unfortunately gender bias still very much exists should be a “must read” for all business leaders and executives. She stood up for what she believed and had the courage to fight for equality. I praise Lisa for being a role model and for telling her story. It is through people like Lisa taking action that lasting change will result. Her battle in the courts was won, but this touching book leaves you believing that it was a victory for all women who face the challenges of gender bias in their own careers.”

A reader of Crawling Across Broken Glass 

“Compelling read… Crawling Across Broken Glass… brings the glass ceiling, or discrimination plaguing working women, to life. While just shining a light on this serious problem would have sufficed, her tale is inspirational by showing that one can triumph over it.

This book provides hope to victims throughout the workplace who are being discriminated against. Crawling Across Broken Glass makes clear that one can stand up against injustice and prevail. A book with an important message whose prose makes it even more compelling. A must read for all women in the workforce. Just because it’s 2015, and we live in a sophisticated world, does not mean, by any shot, that gender discrimination has been eliminated… if anything it’s just a bit more sophisticated!”

A reader of Crawling Across Broken Glass